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About the UK-TAPS group

The UK-TAPS group contains researchers from three UK institutions and specialises in the study of deep-water clastic sedimentology, specifically gravity and bottom current flow processes and deposits. Our main strength is our breadth of expertise, with modern, ancient, subsurface and experimental studies all in progress by group members. This combination makes us an exciting and dynamic team with new ideas and new approaches to deep-water issues.

UK-TAPS Phase 1 involved a NERC Ocean Margins LINK project, co-funded by ConocoPhillips. UK-TAPS Phase 2 is now in progress and involves the following projects, looking at modern and ancient analogues for deep-water turbidite systems:

The Agadir Project, supported by NERC, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BHPBilliton and Shell.
The Marnoso Project, supported by the NERC Ocean Margins LINK programme, ConocoPhillips, Shell, BHPBilliton and Blackbourn GeoConsulting.
The SPECULOBE Project, supported by NERC, UNESCO, Shell, ConocoPhilips and ExxonMobil.

UK-TAPS Phase 3 will begin in spring 2006 and will focus on submarine fan fringes with feather-edged planform geometry (the Rhone Fan Project). We are currently inviting sponsors to participate in this project.

We are constantly undertaking smaller projects and consultancy on a wide variety of deep-water issues, including geohazard assessment of modern seafloor environments.

Members of the UK-TAPS Group

The UK-TAPS group co-ordinators are:
Dr Russell B Wynn (NOCS)
Dr Pete Talling (University of Bristol)
Dr Bryan Cronin (University of Aberdeen)

Other group members are:
Prof. Steve Sparks (University of Bristol)
Dr Lawrence Amy (University of Bristol)
Prof. Phil Weaver (NOCS)
Dr Doug Masson (NOCS)
Dr Andrey Akhmetzhanov (NOCS)
Dr Neil Kenyon (NOCS)
Dr Michael Frenz (NOCS)

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